Free ways for Boosting your Social Media Engagement

When it comes to digital, content is king. You need to tailor your content in a way that resonates with your target market. That way, you reach out to many people. Content reach, however, means nothing without engagement. That is why social media companies have come up with pricing plans to help boost your engagement. Luckily, there are ways you can increase your engagement without spending an extra penny. Here is how to go about that.

1.    Ask questions

Instead of making a statement, how about asking a question on your social media post? It will spark responses and from there you can engage with the fans or followers. Open-ended questions are the best to use, and the conversation does not stop. Do not forget to tailor the question to your products or services but do not be too direct.

2.    Time your updates

The major social networks have analytics indicating the time when the majority of your fans are online and when your updates generate the most impact. Take advantage of this information and publish your content during these hours to maximize the reach and consequentially the engagement.

3.    Use imagery

The algorithm of the major social network is built in such a way that image content reaches out to more people than text content. Using photos, therefore, ensures that you reach more people but using creative artwork generates more engagement. Get a good copywriter and even a graphics designer if you can afford it or teach yourself copywriting and Photoshopping to boost your engagement online.

4.    Create contests

The online community loves contests and freebies. Create fun contests, especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and your engagement will go up significantly. Ensure that you have giveaways that can be anything but it is recommended that you give away your products or branded merchandise. The contest can involve the fans participating in a hashtag or commenting on your post or even getting their friends to take part in a certain way maybe by retweeting or liking. The options are endless. The bottom line is that contests boost engagement and also your brand visibility.

5.    Use call to actions

It helps if you know how you want your fans to respond. Do you want them to comment on a post or like or retweet? Let them know and you will get more reaction. How many times have you seen a brand posting “Like this if…” or tweeting “Retweet if you…” Chances are these posts received a lot of reaction. A call to action instills a psychological nudge that will make your audience respond exactly how you want them to.

6.    Frequency of your online activity

Research has shown that when it comes to online activity, less is more. Do not be all over your fan’s timelines. The less you post or tweet, the most likely the fans will react. For example, you don’t need more than 3 Facebook posts, eight tweets, and 2 Instagram posts per day. This is backed by research as Buddy Media found out that brands with less than two posts per day received 40% more engagement when compared with those with more than three posts per day.

7.    Mind the platform

What works on one platform does not work in the other one. It is, therefore, important to repurpose your content to suit every different channel. For example, you can create a list for LinkedIn and then use the same link in the form of artwork on Twitter with a clever caption due to character limitation.

8.    Be fun, funny, and creative

Social media is about fun. It’s never that serious. Create a warm persona online by being fun and creative. Be cheeky sometimes. This endears the online community to your brand. However, be careful not to overdo it. Get creative with the content and hashtags. Inspire and inform while at it. This will create a loyal following online as your fans will always know they can come to your page for a laugh or to get inspiration or even learn something.

Boosting your social media engagement helps you interact with your customers more. This interaction will help increase your brand loyalty. It is through engagement that you can also generate leads for your business services or products. It is, therefore, important to boost your social media engagement using these methods.

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